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Dental TechnologyDental Technology

Drs. Wood and Spooner are serious about their commitment to high standards of care and staying abreast of the latest in technological advances in dentistry. They share a vision for comprehensive treatment in a comfortable environment that inspires patientsí confidence.

We use digital dentistry technologies and computerized charting systems in our office to enhance patient communication and support the examination and treatment planning process. Digital technologies used in our practice include:

Digital Photography & Intraoral Cameras.   Digital photography has become an indispensable diagnostic and educational tool for dentistry. Using macro photography or small intraoral cameras that are about the size of a toothbrush, we are able to capture magnified pictures of your teeth and transmit them to a computer screen to allow you to see what the dentist sees.

Digital Radiography.   Though dental radiation exposure is very minimal, digital systems require up to 90% less radiation than traditional film. These xrays are taken with sensors that transmit immediately to the computer and provide pictures in seconds. We use imaging software to enlarge and highlight areas of concern and share this information with our patients. Appointments are more efficient as there is no chemical processing and results are immediate. Digital xrays are also easily transmitted to insurance companies or other specialists when needed.

cerec same day dentistry CEREC® Digital Dentistry.   Using patented CEREC® CAD-CAM technology, Drs. Wood & Spooner are able to prepare, design and deliver a custom dental crown in a single appointment. No more impressions, No more temporaries, No more waiting!


CEREC® Review

"I needed a crown replaced. The process was very smooth. I was fitted for the new crown, witnessed it being made, and it was on in 3 hours total. The experience was quick and easy and convenient! I was happy to get it all done in one visit! Thank you Dr. Spooner for your wonderful and professional environment."

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