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tooth restoration

Restorative Dentistry

Rebuilding Your Smile

Vestavia Hills dentists Dr. Diana Wood, Dr. Melanie Spooner and Dr. Lindsey Mills combine their years of experience supported by their relationships with dental specialists to provide our wonderful patients with full service dental care.

Whether you have a broken filling or a chipped tooth, or have more extensive needs, our dentists will help you with a plan to restore your teeth so you can enjoy a worry-free smile.

Our dentists at Wood, Spooner & Mills commonly perform the following restorative procedures to restore smiles to proper health and function:

Cerec One Visit Dentistry
Cerec® Same-Day Dentistry

Digital dentists Dr. Diana Wood, Dr. Melanie Spooner and Dr. Lindsey Mills are able to prepare, design and deliver custom dental crowns in a single appointment using patented Cerec® dental technology.

  • A dental crown is a common restoration for a broken tooth. Traditionally, a crown required at least 2 appointments to complete, the first being an extended appointment for the tooth preparation and multiple dental impressions. The patient left with a temporary crown and returned 2-3 weeks later to have the permanent crown placed.

With Cerec® CAD-CAM technology, our dentists are able to take digital impressions (no more goopy mess!) and use imaging tools to design your crown in the same visit.

And, the best part, we can mill your crown out of natural-looking ceramic materials right here in our Birmingham dental office, so you leave with your permanent restoration. You don't have to fuss with a temporary crown, or, squeeze a second trip to the dentist into your busy schedule.

Our patients love the convenience that Cerec® technology offers, and the results! Cerec® crowns are available in shades that match existing teeth, so your crown is beautifully blended into your smile. Cerec® technology can also be used for dental bridges, inlays and onlays and cosmetic veneers.

Wood and Spooner General and Cosmetic Dentistry is located near the Vestavia Hills fire station, on Highway 31. With the convenience of one-visit crowns and a central Birmingham location, we think you'll agree that going to the dentist just got easier!

Learn more about Cerec® Digital Dentistry.

Dental Implants & Implant-Supported Dentures

Placed by a dental specialist, these tiny titanium cylinders act as structural replacements for the roots of lost teeth to create a foundation which is then restored by our dentists.

A dental implant and crown may be recommended to replace a single missing tooth. When more teeth are missing, multiple dental implants can support a dental bridge or denture.

Learn more about Implant Dentistry.

Root Canals

Our dentists may recommend further evaluation for a root canal if your tooth becomes infected or develops an abscess. A root canal procedure is performed by a root canal specialist, an endodontist.

During root canal treatment, the dentist drills a small opening in the crown of the tooth. The tooth roots are carefully cleaned using small instruments and medicated irrigation to remove the infected tooth nerve and alleviate discomfort. The treated roots are sealed and the tooth is covered with a dental crown to prevent it from breaking.

Root canal procedures save teeth and are a smart investment in protecting your smile. A tooth restored with a root canal and crown can last for years and is less costly than tooth replacement options such as a dental implant or a bridge.

Tooth-colored Fillings

Tooth-colored filling material, also called dental composite, is used to repair small defects in tooth surfaces or to replace lost tooth structure after decay is removed.

Dental composite materials are a combination of plastic, resin and glass particles designed specifically to bond with tooth surfaces. The dentist applies the pliable composite material to the prepared tooth and uses special adhesives to secure the restoration in place.

Composite filling materials are also used for cosmetic procedures, such as closing minor gaps between teeth or smoothing chipped tooth edges. They are not as long-lasting as a ceramic dental crown or veneer, however they are an economical alternative for very small problem areas.

Dental Technology

Drs. Wood, Spooner and Mills share a commitment to the highest standard of care and staying abreast of the latest in technological advances in dentistry. We use dental digital imaging, CAD-CAM crown technology and computerized charting systems in our office to enhance communication and create a comfortable and convenient experience for our patients.