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Patient Reviews

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“Hands down the best Dentist office I've ever visited. Everyone is so nice and they really go out of their way to make you feel comfortable and at ease. I can't say enough good things about them!”

Laura J.

“I love both Dr. Wood and Dr. Spooner. They are very knowledgeable and the staff provides great and fast service.”

Alisha R.

“So good to be back with my favorite team! I've been away for a while but was treated like the prodigal son. I received excellent care for a chipped tooth and they took recent medical issues very seriously. Thank you again, Dr. Spooner and team!”

Myra F.

“Our family has been patients of Dr. Wood and then also Dr. Spooner for at least 30 years. They are very professional and personable. We have received excellent dental care all through the years. Love their staff, also.”

Lynn H.

“Best Dental Care in Birmingham. State of the art technology always being improved. Not only your dental care but your friends.”

Bob S.

“I have been a patient with Wood and Spooner for years now. I am very, very pleased with them. I have referred several people to them and they all agree that they are one of the best, if not, the best dentist they have ever visited. They are more than courteous and professional. They are very concerned with the health of your teeth and your overall health.”

Leslie Y.

“Professional and personable from start to finish. They definitely care about the patient experience.”

Matt C.

“I've gone to Wood & Spooner for over 16 years and have loved them! As a dentist's daughter, I'm embarrassed to admit that I never understood the right way to floss until I came here. :-)”

Gayle H.

“Professional and kind as always!”

Lori N.

“As a physician, I hold the Wood & Spooner practice up as a model for how patients are treated. I hope that all of my patients feel the same way that I feel after I leave Wood   Spooner. The whole team is knowledgeable, professional, friendly, and accommodating.”

Babak O.

“I don't know where to begin!!! If I could give a rating higher than 5 stars I would. This office is perhaps the most well run one I have ever been in and it is beautiful. The staff are amazing-- every single one of them!!!!! Thank you all!!!

Dr. Spooner is phenomenal-- excellent fund of knowledge, kind, and technically, she is, without question, the best dentist I have ever seen. I have visited for routine preventative care, crowns, bonding, bite guard fittings, and numerous other services. She is so meticulous!. You will never have to wait and you will never feel rushed.

Perhaps one of the most remarkable things about the practice is that the co-workers all seem happy and seem to love working together. It is a pleasure to visit there and who likes the dentist visits? If you go to see them-- you will!!!.

My highest marks and my thanks to each and every one of my care givers there.”

Debora K.

“Love Wood & Spooner. Everyone there is so friendly and always makes me feel comfortable. I'm not a big fan of going to the dentist but I always feel so relaxed there and have great conversations. Thanks again!”

Scott C.

“Dr. Wood has been my dentist for over 20 years (maybe over 30; I've lost track). She and her staff have always been professional, courteous, friendly, prompt and informative. IMO, the work performed in her office is of the highest quality. For many years, her office just kept my teeth clean and my crowns and fillings in good repair. While they never pushed me to do anything, Dr. Wood (and Dr. Spooner) brought ideas to me about steps I could take to improve my smile. After thinking on it for a few years, I eventually decided to have the work done. Once I made the commitment, Dr. Wood quarterbacked a plan that transformed my smile to something so natural and beautiful that I get compliments out of the blue even several years later. During the process (which took several years), she was a genuine partner. She answered questions I had arising from the work of the orthodontist and periodontist; she saw me immediately when I had a minor emergency; and once, during a tricky spot, she gave me her personal phone number to call if I had a problem over a weekend. She was as invested in a beautiful outcome as I was and her work - which I think of as the artist's touch - at the end of the process has produced a great smile. I am so grateful.”

Leah S.

“Overall, the visit went extremely well. I have been a patient of Dr. Wood's for many years, and I will remain so due to the high standard of care that she and her staff provide. First, I always receive a reminder call from the office two days ahead of my appointment to remind me of the date and time of my appointment. I really like this, and can always depend on this reminder. No problem if I need to reschedule; they make it work for me. All members of the staff are exceptionally pleasant, nice and accommodating. You have the feeling that you are important to the staff, and your comfort and needs are foremost in their mission. I always have ample time with Dr. Wood to discuss any issues that I have, and, in, fact, she will go above and beyond what one would expect to ensure my dental health is taken care of. She helped me several years ago to identify a particular problem that several other doctors had not been able to solve. Her diligence and dedication to her patient care led to the source of my problem and a referral to another specialist who addressed my issue. My visits to this office are always positive and the patient care and service is of the highest quality. I would not consider using any other dentist!”

Sharon F.

“It was fine the last time. They're friendly, courteous and professional. The location is far from me but that's okay. I would recommend them to a friend because they don't hurt me. They just do really good work. They're very meticulous about their work.”

Joni H.

“I've been using her for around 10 years. She knows what she's doing, her procedures don't hurt, and she does good work. The office staff is excellent.”

Susan R.

“This has been the best dental appointment I have ever had, they provide excellent service with attention to detail. The staff and Dr. Spooner were very professional and did outstanding work. If you are a new person coming to the area this is the dentist you should see. They will do an excellent job the first time. On a scale of 1 to 10 I would give them a 12. This office should be training other people about customer service and quality work.”

Tammy L.

“For the past 35 years we have been happy and privileged to be a part of Dr. Diana Wood's patient family. More than just excellent dental care, Dr. Wood has provided a warm and thoughtful environment with a remarkably efficient and friendly staff. After some years, in 1998, Dr. Wood's partner, Dr. Melanie Spooner joined the practice and added a another considerate and caring dimension, further expanding this very special and accommodating practice.

Upon entering the front door it is easy to see (and feel) the difference. The waiting room is warm and inviting with every available convenience to assure a positive experience. The staff greets the patient with real welcome in their voice and generous smiles. In the treatment area only the latest technology and equipment is in evidence - and Drs. Wood and Spooner also pride themselves in maintaining the most current knowledge in their field. We, the patients, are the beneficiaries of this well thought out and comprehensive patient care program.

Over the years we have both received extensive dental work requiring not only the doctors' expertise but their artistry. Unfailingly, the results have been nothing short of remarkable and we have received many compliments due to their dedication and abilities.

Drs. Wood and Spooner have treated us with care, compassion and respect… and we are grateful.”

Ruth A.

“I'm writing this letter to extend my appreciation for your exceptional expertise and the new CAD/CAM technology which combined to prepare and install the replacement crown I recently received from Wood and Spooner. My experience was pleasant, convenient, pain-free and resulted in an excellent outcome, and all in one visit! Thank you so much for your devotion to your profession and your proactive strategy to bring this technology to your patients.

As a civil engineer who has been involved in scanning, digital surface modeling and CAD/CAM since the early days of the technology in the 1980s, I was able to ‘see behind the scenes’ and appreciate the technical processes as well as the technology used to scan and digitally model my teeth, then digitally design and manufacture the replacement crown all in one visit. The fit of the crown is better than any I've ever had, truly neutral in every respect. I was amazed by the advances in the technology that have taken place in the last thirty years and brought this level of sophistication to patient care.

More importantly - Your system and procedures are so user-friendly, clear and straightforward that it doesn't take an engineer to understand and appreciate the work that's taking place. The process is so demonstrative that even those who consider themselves not technically-oriented can easily see what's taking place in every step, which I'm sure will make the process of crown work much more reassuring and comfortable for all your patients.

Thank you again for your excellent service and commitment to bringing state-of-the-art dentistry to your practice. Sincerely and with gratitude,”

C. Allen Maxwell Sr., P.E.

“I think Drs. Wood and Spooner's practice is one of the most progressive and professional in the country. Both doctors are expertly trained and their practice features state-of-the-art equipment and facilities. The staff is well qualified and all members of the team are polished in expert bedside manner. Whether the big cases or routine dental maintenance, I always look forward to my appointments and I am most proud to recommend Doctor’s Wood and Spooner and their team. They are trustworthy, likeable, completely professional and they always strive to provide the best possible dental care. I am happy to be a longtime patient and I consider the team my friends and partners in good dental health.”


“I've been with Wood and Spooner for some years now and my experience has been exceptional. The environment is professional and friendly. I truly believe the appearance of your mouth is your presentation and this team really focuses on perfecting your appearance. Over the years, I've had the opportunity to meet several members of the team and they're quite passionate about what they do and educate you on ways to preserve your teeth.

I have to say, Dr. Wood is a perfectionist by all means! I've had some experiences she's thoroughly pondered on, and I know when the final decision was made, it was for my best interest and you better believe I trusted her judgments. Often, I am asked who my dentist is and I've referred a few. She's the ultimate Professional, Teacher, and Dentist to service your dental needs! Try Wood and Spooner. You won't regret it!”


“I will forever be grateful to Dr. Wood and Dr. Kent. After 23 years of fighting crowns coming off my front teeth because the posts were too short, I had to do something. My sister, who works for Dr. Wood, reassured me I would never be sorry to go ahead and do implants. I'm so glad I followed her advice. I love my new smile!”


“Great experience. Unbelievable results. A perfect new smile. WOW!”


“Drs. Wood and Spooner are the best! They are truly professionals in their field and I wouldn't trust my smile to anyone else. They and their staff make it a pleasure to see the dentist, and I'm always treated like family!”


“This is certainly one of the most warm and friendly doctors' offices I have ever been to. I feel Dr. Wood is extremely meticulous in her work. I have had to have extensive work done on my teeth and the results are beautiful. We have been friends for more than 25 years and my visits also include seeing my long time friend.”


“Loved my time in the office with all ‘the girls’. They are all so nice, and work with you to make you feel special. Love Ya!”


“I have always hated getting dental work of any kind. This was the best experience I have ever had and the best results. I especially appreciated the work that was extensive being scheduled to get maximum work done at one time. I was so impressed with the way Dr. Wood was able to mask a tooth that grew inward. The staff is absolutely the BEST.”


“I am extremely pleased with the work done on my teeth. Drs. Wood and Spooner have worked wonders!”

Leigh Ann

“A few words about my experience in the care of the Wood & Spooner Team:

For years Dr. Wood had commented about the wear of my front teeth. They looked OK to me. At one regular checkup she took a picture of the backs of my front teeth – the enamel was gone. I had not realized how bad the wear was. We identified the problem. My over-bite and strong jaws had teamed up to wear away my teeth. The solution was to replace all of my top teeth and adjust my bite. I was working out-of-town at the time of the procedure. We scheduled two full days to do all of the excavation, make the models for the crowns, and install the temporaries. We finished earlier than scheduled of the second day. Dr. Wood said it was because I am such a good patient. I bet she says that to all of her patients. I came back in a month and had the permanent crowns ‘installed.’ My new teeth are great. They feel normal. I have had no difficulties: no pain and no trouble with my speech.

I have been married for thirty-five years. My wife finally does not have to beg me to smile for a photo.”

Cary S.

“I needed a crown replaced. The process was very smooth. I was fitted for the new crown, witnessed it being made, and it was on in 3 hours total. The experience was quick and easy and convenient! I was happy to get it all done in one visit! Thank you Dr. Spooner for your wonderful and professional environment.”


“So like any other person, I would visit the dentist twice a year and that was about it. My first year in high school, I had to get braces and found a great orthodontist, Dr. Orr. He was beyond amazing and even became my primary dentist as well. About three years ago, unfortunately he passed away from cancer. After his passing, I refused to go back to the dentist because I did not and could not trust anyone else with my teeth except him. Well, about 7 months ago, my gums started to get super sensitive and my wisdom teeth began to grow in so I knew I had to break down and find a dentist. Like all modern people, I went to facebook for good referrals and the name that kept popping up was ‘Dr. Spooner’. I researched the office and saw that it was near me and her credentials seemed legit so I thought, ‘why not?’.

That had to be the BEST decision I have made in a while. Before I even went to my first appointment, the staff made me feel more than welcomed by sending a welcome gift, calling to confirm and inviting me to ask as many questions I needed to feel comfortable. Everyone who works here is personable and warm. Dr. Spooner is extremely professional, and not to mention has the most perfect smile ever. I'm sure she has tons of patients, but somehow she seemed to remember every small detail about my life when I came back to visit. Absolutely in love with Dr. Spooner and this office. I would definitely recommend anyone to come!”

Portia G.

“Some years ago, after some unhappiness with my previous dentist, I came to the office of Dr. Wood and Spooner.

For a period of time we did the typical rework and cleanings, she/they were good.

In 2015, while on a trip to Pennsylvania, I woke up one morning, ground my teeth and broke a crown. Lesson number one. When the dentist says to wear your night guard, they actually do want you to do it.

I came in and started the replacement procedure and listening to Dr. Spooner… reluctantly (I was) we decided to have some bone grafting done to correct some childhood problems and have implants. She selected the right surgeon and while it took time and patience, the outcome was great. Lesson number 2. Again, listen to your dentist.

While doing the upper work, I decided I wanted to make the investment to correct some of the lower teeth. I'm 58, a professional ‘grinder’ and wanted to make sure the upper and lower teeth matched well.

Dr. Spooner's patience and deliberate approach was exceptional. One day I told her the project was going well and she let me know that ‘personal satisfaction’ in doing a good job is sometimes all the praise you get. Lesson number 3. Make sure the doctors you select like what they do and enjoy coming to work.

To me, if you are going to have someone do dental for you and they take personal happiness in the job, it can only work out well for the patient.

All through the process, the team has worked wonderfully with my schedule, helped me with a couple of emergencies with reshuffling their schedules.

For anyone thinking about a new dentist or taking on a major dental procedure, you can rest assured Dr. Spooner and her team are up to the challenge. They certainly don't rush the process. Great work Dr. Spooner and Team!!!”

Kenny S.

“Given the profuse amount of dental work that I have acquired and obtained†, I could easily write a discourse on the fabulous work that is the standard for Dr.'s Wood and Spooner, but that would take far too much time. Suffice it to say that, aside from the impeccable perfection and clock-like precision of Dr. Wood (my personal dentist), she spends inordinate amounts of time crafting her work so that it fits me personally. Because apparently, dentistry is not just a science but an art, as well. Additionally, I am theatrically oppositional and neurotic when it comes to dental work… I abhor the whirring of the drills, the astringent grating of the picks and the institutional fluorescence that has become cliché for dental offices. I must admit that somehow, they even avoid the saxophone saturated muzac that is often relegated to elevators and dental waiting rooms. The staff works together like a family and (in spite of the fact that I am the proverbial prodigal child) I can call Connie at the reception desk - tell her (in caustic tones) that I am craving a cigarette because the traffic is absurdly hindering my attempts to make it on time for my appointment (which I am neurotically dreading) and by the time I hang up, I am laughing.

They have literally helped re-structure my whole mouth and yet, people often tell me ‘you have a beautiful smile!’ with such sincerity and genuine pathos, that I realize it was all worth it, and I briefly reminisce about the moments where, I, with a scowl and crossed arms and a skeptical attitude was being re-assured that not only would it work out - but how she was going to do this step by step. Of course, the moments she thinks back fondly of are probably the ones where I was blissfully quiet beneath the Nitrous mask - but I am sure she would laugh and disagree.

As the penultimate neurotic dental patient, I have tried to break them every way imaginable, but ultimately, they are the ones that tamed my affliction. So - if you are in need of dental work and yet are avoiding it from fear, despair, anxiety or being overwhelmed by the steps involved, Dr.'s Wood and Spooner, their staff (whom I consider friends) will get you through it. Painlessly. I promise you.

And they will do it all without subjecting you to a superfluous sax solo. Guaranteed.”

Moira L.
† I have been a patient for over 30 years…

“Diana, during my thirty plus years as a patient, I have continually experienced excellence. Your practice continues to get better. Two weeks ago I had a pleasant surprise by the ‘one visit’ crown replacement. It was perfectly sized, tinted and delivered in less than two hours start to finish. Many thanks!”

Chuck C.

“Oooooh! I have sensitive teeth. Thyra is gentle, uses a plastic instrument, and checks in frequently to ask ‘are you ok?’. I have regular cleanings every six months to help me not build up emotional nervousness, and to make sure that any procedure/filling is quick and easy. At every six month cleaning, Thyra gives me a small piece of advice that helps me take better care of my teeth and mouth at home. For example, today Thyra recommended doubling my floss so that two strands flossed between my two front bottom teeth in order to prevent the tiny bump of build up that she removed this morning.”


“After seeing you for several years I have found no matter what I am at your office for, the visit is always more pleasant because of the great ladies that work with you. They turn what would be a bad day into a much better one. I have never had a problem with anyone in your office. Keep up the good work. You are one of the ladies too.”

Ken G.

“During my recent visit to the dentist, my hygienist noticed some swollen tissue in an area of my gums. After discussing this with Dr. Spooner, they informed me that this condition could be caused by one of my blood pressure medications and advised me to follow up with my Doctor to see if changing medicines would be appropriate. This started a series of events that led to the discovery of 3 arterial blockages and triple bypass heart surgery.

I just want to thank all of you at the office of Dr. Wood and Spooner for your concern for more than just my teeth but my total healthcare. You helped prevent me from having a heart attack.”

Frank Q.

“Hey, I'm ready for the photo shoot! Thyra is the most awesome hygienist! She seems like family. Dr. Spooner is always fun to talk to. My veneers look awesome! You guys need to use me as advertisement of ‘before and after’ of veneers because no mouth will be any more difficult to work with than mine. Thank you so much.”


“Dear. Dr. Wood: Offering a testimonial of your skills and services is a distinct pleasure. In my four years in Birmingham, your care was the most effective of all my prior years in receiving professional dental attention. For the first time, I recognized the importance of good dental care in helping achieve overall good health. With my best wishes,”


“Dr. Spooner, we so appreciate all of your dental services. Everything you did for us reflected your ‘do it right (and beautifully) the first time’. Your dental work was (and still is) absolute perfection – particularly our porcelain veneers. After moving out of the area, my new dentist marveled at your veneer work the first time I opened my mouth for his inspection. High praise indeed. We also appreciate the fact that when we arrived for our appointments you and your hygienists were ready – we never had to wait. Best regards,”

Charles & Margaret

“I have found the Wood and Spooner Dental Team to be one of the most professional I have had the pleasure to be associated with. Their work has always left me with a brighter smile!”


“Having been a patient with Drs. Wood and Spooner for over 25 years I am very happy to recommend their practice. Everything about my experience from the office environment, the staff, oral hygienists and the dentists has been very professional. The treatment areas have always been immaculately clean and sterile, with every precaution taken to ensure patient safety. The caring manner with which I have always been treated has helped reduce the stress involved with oral healthcare. The dental team of Wood and Spooner make every effort to insure superior dental care with patient comfort a top priority.”


“My family and I have been patients of Dr. Wood for 27 years. During that time, every experience with Dr. Wood and the entire team has been wonderful, and we have recommended her to many other people. The office is comfortable; the equipment is state-of-the-art; and every member of the team is professional, knowledgeable, helpful and caring. Recently, I had major ‘smile’ work done, and the results are absolutely ideal. I couldn't believe how beautiful my teeth and smile could look until Dr. Wood spent so much time getting it exactly right. In fact, everyone on the team was so thoughtful and gentle throughout the entire process that it has truly been the definition of perfect service. This has to be the best dental practice anywhere!”


“All the people in this dental practice really care about the patients. Drs. Wood and Spooner are very skilled, and they keep up with the newest techniques! The hygienists are great! If you have a dental emergency, this group goes to great lengths to help you!”


“We have been patients of Dr. Wood and Dr. Spooner for 23 years. We continue to have excellent care and professionalism from their staff.”


“Drs. Wood and Spooner are the ultimate professionals. They take a personal interest in each patient to achieve common goals and work together for good dental health and pleasing aesthetics. I highly recommend them to anyone looking for a dentist.”


“Drs. Wood and Spooner have created a comfortable, family-friendly environment where going to the dentist is actually an enjoyable experience. They and their staff show the highest level of professionalism and concern for their patients' well-being, and provide the highest quality dental care available.”


“We (wife and daughter) came to visit our family here in the Birmingham area from France. We all needed dental work done and I can say, this has been the best, most thorough, and professional experience we have ever had with a dentist. The team at Wood and Spooner are overly accommodating and the work we had done has been the best we have experienced. Thank you!”

“I always have a good experience with the Wood and Spooner team. They are very good about making sure you are comfortable every step of the way. As an Anesthesiologist I appreciate that very much.”


“Dr. Wood is a great dentist and has taken care of my family for a long time -- We love Dr. Wood.”


“The entire team is so professional, but so helpful and friendly. Dr. Spooner has become a friend as well as my dentist. I have recommended her to many of my friends and they are so grateful to have her as their dentist.”


“I have had ‘quite a few’ crowns. After moving to AL and coming to Dr. Spooner (who was highly recommended), my recent crown was the ‘best crowning experience’ I have ever had. Dr. Spooner is most interested in the care and comfort of her patients. Her staff is always most pleasant and accommodating!”


“Words to describe my experience in the care of Wood and Spooner include: great care, always satisfactory, actually relaxing, painless, the best care I've ever experienced!”

Lee W.

“I have always dreaded going to the dentist, but I feel relaxed in Dr. Spooner's office.”


“The best dental practice I have ever experienced in a lifetime. It would be next to impossible to find any better physicians than Drs. Wood and Spooner. My wife feels exactly the same.”


“This has been life changing for me. I am able to smile again. All of the staff are very professional, the environment is very clean and comfortable and Dr. Wood is a superb cosmetic dentist with an exemplary chairside manner. I will be back!”

“Kindness and compassion are the first two words that come to my mind when I reflect on my numerous dental appointments. I was made to feel special from the very first visit. I have gone from being almost hysterical when I think about a trip to the dentist to looking forward to seeing everyone at my home away from home.”


“A wonderful and caring team of professionals.”


“Excellent, as always!”


“Very thorough!”


“A Great Team!”

I would like to thank everyone for the great service. Today's visit was unscheduled and everyone took great care of me and fixed me right up. Always very professional, kind and caring at the same time.

RTR David